Caregivers Visa - Your Pathway To Permanent Residency

Are you a caregiver? Well, you have an option to settle down in Canada permanently or be a temporary employee. While working in Canada, you must have temporary resident status. You should apply to extend your work permit before it expires.

PR for Caregivers

If you applied for a new work permit before your current work permit expired, you may continue to work under the fixed requirements of your original work permit. This is known as maintained status.

Temporary Work for Caregivers

You have a good chance to work temporarily in Canada if you don’t meet the permanent residency requirements. So, if you are working on a temporary basis, you can extend your work permit through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

Your employer will first need to get a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

How Our Immigration Consultants Can Help You?

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Our highly qualified professionals will assist you with your eligibility evaluation, review your forms and documents and submit them to the Government of Canada on your behalf. So, let us take care of all the visa application process while you plan your Canada immigration. Fill out the form to get on a call with us. We will shortly begin your application process.

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