Invite Your Family To Canada With Family Sponsorship Scheme

When you settle down in Canada, you may want to reunite with your family. The Sponsorship class was created by the Government of Canada to allow immigrants to sponsor their families.

If you’re a Canadian citizen or an adult permanent resident, you could qualify to sponsor more than one family member to join you as a permanent resident. To meet the eligibility criteria, the individual seeking sponsorship must be a:

● Spouse, common law or conjugal partner
● Parent
● Dependent child
● Sibling, nephew, niece or grandchild under 18 years whose parents are deceased and unmarried
● Grandparent

Family members sponsored must be living outside Canada, unless they are legally living in Canada on a temporary basis. For instance, work or student visa.

An immigrant may not sponsor if they:

● Are in the process of bankruptcy
● Are subject to a removal order
● Have failed to pay child support fees
● Have failed to pay back immigration loans
● Were sponsored at some point in time and became a permanent resident less than 5 years ago
● Are in prison

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