Fastest Route to Permanent Residency for Health-Care Workers

Are you working as a temporary healthcare worker in Canada? Well, this is a great opportunity for you to apply for a permanent residency. The Canadian Government strives to beat the pandemic by inviting healthcare professionals to convert their temporary visa into permanent visa.

Visa Qualification Requirements

In order to qualify for the health-care worker visa you need to have:

● At Least one year of Canadian work experience in a recognized healthcare company
● 1,560 hours of work experience in an occupation, within the last 3 years of when you started working
● English or French language proficiency
● Refugee claim in Canada
● A valid status and plan to live outside of Quebec

If you fulfill the visa requirements, you can apply for permanent residence in Canada. Once, we receive your application, our team is going to:

● Check if you are eligible to apply
● Advise the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) to put your pending refugee claim on hold
● Check that you meet the work experience requirements

Upon the final confirmation, you’ll be notified of when we are done processing your application for a healthcare worker visa.

How Our Consultants Can Assist You?

We at Ultra Apricity Immigration are all set to walk you through the healthcare worker visa program so that you can arrange all the documents that are needed to process your application faster.

How to get approval on your documents and everything that goes into making your profile better is our responsibility. So, let's shake our hands virtually and start with the application process so you stay in Canada permanently with your loved ones.

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