Build Your Dream Business In Canada With Start-up Visa

Canada’s Startup Visa is a permanent residence program which helps a person or a group of upto 5 to develop their business and settle permanently in Canada. This Start-up visa program attracts passionate entrepreneurs who have the potential to grow their business in a diversified country like Canada.

This immigration program targets those business-minded people who have an innovative approach to scale their business operations, can create jobs for Canadians and are capable of competing on a global level.

Your immigration application will be evaluated on the basis of the following:

● Must have a support letter from a venture capital fund or angel investor group
● CLB 5 scale English language proficiency
● Minimum one year of post-secondary education
● Enough funds in the account before you actually start earning from business in Canada

If you meet these eligibility requirements, your visa application will be assessed on CIC standards, eligibility criteria, health status, police verification and others.

Benefits of Getting Canadian PR

● Free education and healthcare benefits for family members
● Best infrastructure and high standards of living
● Ample business growth potential
● Huge retirement benefits
● Citizenship in 3 years only

How Can We Help You?

Do you have a business proposal? If so, allow us to establish your business credibility in Canada. There is more to the Start-up visa program than what you see above. Plenty of things need to be taken care of for the smooth processing of your visa application.

We have highly-skilled writers who can write a successful plan for your Start-up visa application. Do not hesitate to talk to us about your future business plans in Canada and for your family to live with you.

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